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"The Sign," combined hits from the first album "Happy Nation" with new chart-toppers like "Don't Turn Around" and "The Sign". This top-selling album, which sold over 26 million copies, dominated the Billboard 200 for 26 weeks.
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The Sign
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The Sign
  • 1992–1993
  • 23 November 1993
  • Dance Pop
  • Arista
  • BMG Victor Inc.
  • Per Adebratt
  • Buddha
  • Douglas Carr
  • Tommy Ekman
  • Joker
  • Denniz Pop
  • Stonestream
  • T.O.E.C.

The Sign: The Iconic Album by Ace of Base

This album was released in 1993. The album debuted in North America and various Latin American countries, courtesy of Arista Records. It encapsulates a selection of songs from their debut album, "Happy Nation" (1992), including fresh hits like "Don't Turn Around", "The Sign", and "Living in Danger".

This top-selling album, which sold over 26 million copies, dominated the Billboard 200 for 26 weeks. It remains the only Swedish act to top Billboard's Year-End lists, affirming its status as an iconic pop music milestone.

The Sign Album and its release

Initially, the album was set to be released in the U.S. on 26 October 1993 as "Happy Nation". However, Arista Records delayed the launch, enabling the band to add two radio-friendly singles: "The Sign" and "Living in Danger".

The album was eventually launched on 23 November 1993.

Concurrently, "Happy Nation" was re-released in Europe, Mexico, and Australia as "Happy Nation (U.S. Version)", featuring the newly added tracks and revised versions on the single, as well as the new track "Hear Me Calling" and a remix of "Happy Nation".

Remarkable Accomplishments of "The Sign"

Marking an unprecedented success, this Album found its place among the Top 100 Best-selling Albums of All Time as per the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

With sales exceeding 26 million copies, the album contributed a whopping $42 million to Arista Records. Its notable achievements include a nomination for Best Pop Album at the 1995 Grammy Awards and being in the top three on the Billboard 200 chart for 26 consecutive weeks.

Interestingly, the album, along with its title track, holds the distinct honor of being the only single or album by a Swedish act to rank number one on Billboard's annual Year-End lists.

Global Sales and Certifications of "The Sign"

The Album received widespread international acclaim, evident from its impressive sales and certifications worldwide. From achieving Diamond certification in Canada with 1,000,000 sales to receiving Gold in Brazil with 200,000 sales, the Album's popularity was undeniable.

Notably, the United States embraced this Album with 10,000,000 sales, earning it a Diamond certification.

Ace of Base's Unforgettable Legacy

In conclusion, this Album embodies the unique and compelling musical style of Ace of Base. Its incredible commercial performance and international recognition firmly planted the band in the annals of pop music history. The Album remains an enduring symbol of the band's creativity and the global appeal of their distinctive sound.

  • When was this Album by Ace of Base released?

The Album was released on 23rd November 1993.

  • What were the new songs included in the Album?

The new songs included in this Album were "Don't Turn Around", "The Sign", and "Living in Danger".

  • What recognition did "The Sign" receive?

The Album was listed among the Top 100 Best-selling Albums of All Time by RIAA and was nominated for Best Pop Album at the 1995 Grammy Awards.

  • Did this Album include songs from any other Ace of Base album?

Yes, "this Album included songs from Ace of Base's debut album, "Happy Nation" (1992), along with new songs and revised versions.

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