Happy Nation (U.S. Version)


Happy Nation (U.S. Version) came on 22 November 1993 to coincide with the album's release in North America under the title The Sign.
Happy Nation (U.s. Version) | Album Cover | Ace Of Base
Don't Turn Around
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Happy Nation (U.S. Version)

This edition included the new tracks "The Sign", "Living in Danger", and the Tina Turner cover "Don't Turn Around", along with a remix of "Waiting for Magic" and a version of "Voulez-Vous Danser" with revised vocals. It also included the new track "Hear Me Calling", which did not appear on The Sign.

The songs "Münchhausen (Just Chaos)" and "Dimension of Depth" from the original album were removed altogether.

The new version of the album was released in the U.K. on 14 March 1994 and climbed to number 1 on the U.K. Albums Chart on 26 June, beating the number 21 peak of the original release.

Tracks list for Happy Nation (U.S. version) 

The U.S. Version and The Sign

In North America, Japan, and some Latin American countries, the album was retitled The Sign and featured a heavily revised track listing, including three new tracks.

Happy Nation was then reissued with these new tracks in other territories as Happy Nation (U.S. Version). By 1998, the combined sales of Happy Nation and The Sign reached approximately 25 million units, including 10 million in the U.S. alone, making it one of the best-selling albums ever.


Happy Nation, the debut album by Swedish pop group Ace of Base, was an international phenomenon that broke records and established the band as a global sensation.

With its unique fusion of pop and reggae influences, the album captured the hearts of millions of fans and remains an influential and enduring classic.


  • When was Happy Nation initially released?

Happy Nation was initially released in Denmark on November 2, 1992.

  • How many copies of Happy Nation/The Sign have been sold worldwide? 

As of 1998, Happy Nation/The Sign had sold approximately 21 million units worldwide.

  • What is the difference between Happy Nation and The Sign?

The Sign is the North American, Japanese, and some Latin American release of Happy Nation, with a revised track listing and three new tracks.

  • How many countries did Happy Nation reach number one in?

Happy Nation reached the number one position in at least ten countries.

  • What record did Happy Nation set, according to the Guinness Book of World Records?

In 1995, the Guinness Book of World Records named Happy Nation the best-selling debut studio effort in music history.

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