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“Waiting for Magic” is a captivating track from Ace of Base’s debut album, Happy Nation (1992).

Released as the fourth single in Scandinavia in April 1993, the song topped the charts in Israel and scored top-10 hits in Denmark and Finland. The original version is exclusive to the initial Happy Nation release, with a remix featured on re-releases and The Sign (1993). Though no music video was created, the song gained traction through electrifying live performances.

Waiting For Magic (Total Remix) | Single Cover | Ace Of Base
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  • Waiting for Magic
  • Ulf Ekberg
  • Jonas Berggren 
  • Tuff Studios
  • Techno
  • Dance Pop
  • Eurodance
  • Mega Records
  • Ulf Ekberg
  • Jonas Berggren

Waiting for Magic's total remix introduction

In 90s pop music, few bands hold a candle to Ace of Base. One of their most enchanting singles, "Waiting for Magic," captivated listeners worldwide, showcasing the band's unique sound and style. Released in April 1993 from their debut album, Happy Nation, this track is a testament to the group's versatile talents and ability to create unforgettable music.

Behind the Scenes of the Track

The magic of "Waiting for Magic" is owed to the creative genius of Linn Berggren, Jenny Berggren, Jonas Berggren, and Ulf Ekberg, who not only provided the vocals but also played a vital role in the song's production.

Jonas Berggren and Ulf Ekberg were the primary songwriters, while they also served as producers alongside Stonestream for the Total Remix.

The track was recorded at the legendary Tuff Studios, where many iconic hits have been made.

The Sweden Maxi-CD track listing for "Waiting for Magic" includes:

  1. (Radio Version) – 3:31
  2.  (Total Remix 12") – 6:34
  3.  (Total Remix 7") – 3:51
  4.  (Album Version) – 5:14


Legacy and Impact

Decades later, the spellbinding essence of this song remains alive and well. As one of the standout tracks by Ace of Base, it is a testament to the band's distinctive sound and the enduring appeal of 90s pop music.

The song has left an indelible mark on pop music, influencing countless artists.

In conclusion, this song is a timeless gem that embodies the spirit of Ace of Base and the golden era of 90s pop. Its catchy melody, captivating vocals, and innovative production enchant listeners worldwide, proving that great music stands the test of time.

  • When was "Waiting for Magic" released?

It was released in April 1993 as the fourth single from Ace of Base's debut album, Happy Nation.

  • Did "Waiting for Magic" have a music video?

No, there was no music video produced for this song, but the song was promoted through numerous live performances.

  • Who were the primary songwriters and producers for "Waiting for Magic"?

Jonas Berggren and Ulf Ekberg were the primary songwriters and producers for this track.

  • What chart positions did "Waiting for Magic" reach?

Waiting for Magic" reached number one in Israel and entered the top 10 in both Denmark and Finland.

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