Hidden Gems

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"Hidden Gems," a compilation album, showcases unreleased material and unique b-sides from 1991-2006. Released by Playground Music, the album reveals a treasure trove of music, including updated tracks previously shared during Ace Thursdays on their Facebook page. With five songs that were earlier released as b-sides and bonus tracks, "Hidden Gems" lives up to its name, offering a deeper exploration into the band's musical journey.
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Would You Believe
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Ace of Base's compilation album "Hidden Gems."

Their compilation album "Hidden Gems" is a testament to their enduring relevance in the industry. This article dives into the untold stories behind this album, the influence it holds, and how it continues to captivate audiences today.

The Genesis of this Compilation Album

This compilation album was released in 2015 is a treasure trove of unreleased songs and B-sides recorded by the original Ace of Base lineup from 1991 to 2006. These tracks, once shared by Jonas Berggren and band friend Raymond van der Veldt during Ace Thursdays on Facebook, now find their rightful place in this compilation, some with updated production.

The Impactful Release of "Hidden Gems"

The album hit the shelves on CD and vinyl and digital retailers on March 6, 2015, through the band's official website. "Would You Believe" and "Into the Night of Blue" were released as a sneak peek before the album's launch. The iTunes edition offered two additional songs as bonus tracks, adding to fans' excitement worldwide. According to Jonas Berggren on the band's official Facebook page, a second edition with different songs was contemplated.

The Unreleased and the Renowned

Tracks like "No Good Lover," initially intended for the album "Flowers," and a previously unreleased version of "Hey Darling," which first appeared on "Da Capo," give fans a peek into the band's creative process. "Sunset in Southern California" was reworked and later released as "Southern California" on "The Golden Ratio." A demo version of "Giving It Up," featured as a bonus track on the 2015 remastered release of "Happy Nation U.S. Version," adds to the album's allure.

The Evolution and Continuation of "Hidden Gems"

In 2019, this compilation album gained a new lease of life when it was repackaged with the 2008 collection "Greatest Hits," replacing the music video DVD and was released as "Ace Of Base – Gold." This move brought the album back into the limelight and introduced it to a new generation of listeners.

The Sequel - "Hidden Gems, Vol. 2"

A follow-up to this compilation album aptly named "Hidden Gems, Vol. 2," was released as part of the "All That She Wants: The Classic Collection" box set in 2020. It was subsequently made available on digital platforms on 28 August 2020, continuing the band's legacy of releasing quality tracks.

The Enduring Charm of "Hidden Gems"

This Compilation Album is a testament to the timeless appeal of Ace of Base. It gives fans a chance to relive the magic of the band's early years while offering a glimpse into what might have been. This album reminds us why Ace of Base remains an irreplaceable gem in the world of pop music.


  • What is the "Hidden Gems" album? "

It is a 2015 compilation album by Swedish pop group Ace of Base. It consists of previously unreleased material and B-sides recorded by the original lineup.

  • What are some noteworthy songs in the "Hidden Gems" album?

Some standout tracks include "No Good Lover," "Hey Darling," and "Sunset in Southern California."

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