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Da Capo

Sep 2002 / Album / Mega Records
  1. Unspeakable
  2. Beautiful Morning
  3. Remember the Words
  4. Da Capo
  5. World Down Under
  6. Ordinary Day
  7. Wonderful Life
  8. Show Me Love
  9. What's the Name of the Game
  10. Change with the Light
  11. Hey Darling
  12. The Juvenile
  13. Da Capo (Alternate Version)(Bonus track)

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Ace of Base’s fourth album saw the band return to their original sound that brought them their international acclaim, classic pop aesthetics married with a reggae style rhythm but played with synths. This album finally gets the global release that all of the fans have been waiting for. It was the last album to be made with the original line up. If you were to imagine what an Ace of Base album sounds like without ever hearing one – this would be it. This fully re-mastered edition also comes with bonus track ”Da Capo (alternate version)”.