Beautiful Morning


Beautiful Morning, the captivating lead single from Ace of Base's 2002 album Da Capo, showcases the Swedish band's heartfelt tribute to their late father. Released in September 2002, this melodic gem achieved moderate success in Europe, reflecting the Berggren siblings' (Jonas, Jenny, and Malin) impeccable songwriting skills. Experience the emotional depth and harmonious blend of this song that solidified Ace of Base's enduring musical legacy.
Beautiful Morning | Single Cover | Ace Of Base
Beautiful morning
Single facts
  • Beautiful morning
  • Jenny Berggren
  • Jonas Berggren 
  • Linn Berggren
  • Bishop Songs
  • LaCarr Studios
  • Pop


  • Polydor
  • Edel Mega Records
  • Universal
  • Pontus Söderqvist
  • Axel Breitung
  • Kay Nickold

Beautiful Morning - A Tribute to Love and Loss by Ace of Base

Beautiful Morning is a heartfelt single. Released in September 2002, it serves as the lead single for their fifth studio album, Da Capo. While the track achieved modest chart success in Europe, its emotional resonance and poignant lyrics have made it a beloved addition to the Ace of Base catalog.

A Family's Dedication to Their Late Father

This song is more than just a catchy pop tune; it holds deep sentimental value for the band members. Written by the three Berggren siblings - Jonas, Jenny, and Malin - the song is dedicated to their late father, who passed away before its release. This heartfelt tribute showcases the band's ability to craft meaningful and deeply personal music.

The Music Video and its Director

To promote the single, a music video was produced, featuring the band performing the song amidst a serene and picturesque setting. Directed by Daniel Börjesson, the video captures the essence of the song and enhances its emotional impact.

A Departure from Traditional Pop Themes

While Ace of Base is best known for their upbeat and infectious pop tunes, This track represents a departure from this formula, offering listeners a more introspective and emotional experience. The track demonstrates the band's versatility and their ability to connect with their audience on a deeper level.


In conclusion, this song stands out as a moving tribute to the Berggren siblings' father and showcases Ace of Base's ability to create deeply personal and meaningful music.

The song's heartfelt lyrics, emotional resonance, and beautiful music video ensure that it will remain a cherished part of the band's discography. The song serves as a reminder that even in the face of loss, there is beauty to be found in the memories we hold dear.

  • When was Beautiful Morning released?

It was released in September 2002 as the lead single for Ace of Base's album, Da Capo.

  • Who wrote Beautiful Morning?

The song was written by the three Berggren siblings - Jonas, Jenny, and Malin - as a tribute to their late father.

  • How did Beautiful Morning perform on the charts?

It was a minor hit on the European charts.

  • Who directed the music video for Beautiful Morning?

The music video was directed by Daniel Borjesson.

  • What makes this song unique in Ace of Base's catalog?

It stands out due to its heartfelt lyrics and emotional resonance, showcasing the band's versatility and ability to explore deeper themes.

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