Whenever You’re Near Me


Whenever You’re Near Me is a catchy single by Swedish band Ace of Base, from their third US album, Cruel Summer.Originally titled “Life Is a Flower,” it gained immense popularity in Europe and Japan.

Reimagined by composer Mike Chapman, this version reached #76 in the US and #51 in Canada, marking the band’s final charting hits in both nations.

Whenever You'Re Near Me | Single Cover | Ace Of Base
Single facts
  • Whenever You’re Near Me
  • Mike Chapman
  • Jonas Berggren 
  • Hitsville Studios
  • Pop
  • Arista Records
  • Ole Evenrude

Whenever You're Near Me

Ace of Base brought forth a unique sound that captivated audiences worldwide. Among their many hits, this song stands out as a memorable track that connected with listeners in North and South America. In this article, we'll delve into the story behind this single, its transformation, and its various mixes that made it a lasting hit.

The Origins of "Whenever You're Near Me"

"Whenever You're Near Me" originated as "Life Is a Flower", a track that gained immense popularity in Europe and Japan. This catchy, upbeat tune captured the hearts of many with its infectious melody and uplifting lyrics. But, when it came time to introduce the song to North and South American audiences, something had to change.

Rewriting the Lyrics with Mike Chapman

To better connect with the American market, songwriter Mike Chapman was brought in to rewrite the lyrics. The result was a completely new song titled "Whenever You're Near Me," which retained the original melody but with lyrics that resonated more deeply with audiences in the Americas. The song was released to radio stations on October 6, 1998, and went on to become a hit in both the United States and Canada.

The Many Faces of this song

The song was released in various formats, including CD singles and CD Maxi. The CD single featured "Whenever You're Near Me" and another track, "He Decides (Fisher Version aka American Album Version)." However, it was the CD Maxi release that showcased the true versatility of the song, with a total of six different mixes.

Remixes and Collaborations

The CD Maxi included various remixes of track showcasing the creative talent of various artists and producers. These remixes included Strobe's Radio Mix, Strobe's Lollipop Mix, Nikolas & Sibley Dance Radio Edit, Nikolas & Sibley Dance Mix, and Strobe's Subway Mix. Each version brought a unique flavor to the track, giving fans a fresh take on their beloved song.

The Lasting Impact of "Whenever You're Near Me"

Although this song marked the end of Ace of Base's charting hits in the United States and Canada, it remains a beloved track by the band's loyal fans. This song's journey from "Life Is a Flower" to its many remixes serves as a testament to the power of music to transcend borders and bring people together, no matter the distance.


"Whenever You're Near Me" stands as a shining example of Ace of Base's ability to connect with listeners across the globe. Through its various iterations and remixes, the track has demonstrated the adaptability of music and the band's versatility in creating a song that can cross cultural barriers.


  • What is the original version of "Whenever You're Near Me"

The original version of the song is titled "Life Is a Flower" and was a hit in Europe and Japan.

  • Who rewrote the lyrics for "Whenever You're Near Me"?

Song composer Mike Chapman rewrote the lyrics to better connect with North and South American audiences.

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