Hallo Hallo


"Hallo Hallo" was released in 2000 as a single from Ace of Base's greatest hits album, "Singles of the 90s." The song was written by Jonas Berggren and produced by Jonas von der Burg. It features a catchy melody, upbeat rhythm, and electronic dance-pop sound, which was typical of Ace of Base's music during that time.
Hallo Hallo | Single Cover | Ace Of Base
Single facts
  • Hallo Hallo
  • Jonas Berggren 
  • Hitvision Productions
  • Pop
  • Mega Records
  • Huma
  • Jonas von der Burg
  • Sir Martin

Hallo Hallo - A Dive into Ace of Base's Pop Gem

"Hallo Hallo" is a catchy pop single by the renowned Swedish group Ace of Base. Released in 2000, it served as the third single from their greatest hits album, Singles of the 90s. The track gained popularity across Germany, Spain, and Scandinavia, eventually making its way into the American film You Don't Mess with the Zohan, starring Adam Sandler.

The Hitvision Remix and the American Market

The Hitvision Remix of "Hallo Hallo" was meant to be a single from the Greatest Hits album, this time featuring Jenny as the primary lead vocalist. The song, retitled "Hello Hello," made a brief appearance on the band's American webpage, but its inclusion and single release were ultimately canceled. This was due to Arista head Clive Davis insisting that "Everytime It Rains" be remixed and released instead.

A Classic Pop Sound with a Modern Twist

This track embodies the quintessential Ace of Base sound, combining infectious melodies, catchy hooks, and irresistible rhythms. The track showcases the band's ability to adapt their signature sound to contemporary trends while retaining their distinct identity as a group.

Hallo Hallo in Pop Culture

The song's inclusion in the popular Adam Sandler film You Don't Mess with the Zohan helped to cement its status as a beloved pop hit. The track's catchy chorus and upbeat tempo make it an instant crowd-pleaser and a soundtrack staple for feel-good films.

The Legacy of Ace of Base and Hallo Hallo

As part of their illustrious career, Ace of Base has left an indelible mark on the pop music landscape, with this song standing as a prime example of their ability to create enduring hits. The song's infectious energy and unforgettable melody continue to captivate listeners and ensure its place in the annals of pop music history.


In conclusion, this track is a testament to Ace of Base's musical prowess and their ability to create timeless pop hits. From its initial inception to its various remixes and inclusion in popular films, the track has remained a beloved gem in the band's extensive catalog. The track will undoubtedly continue to enthrall listeners for years to come, solidifying its place as a classic pop track.


  • When was Hallo Hallo released?

It was released in 2000 as the third single from Ace of Base's greatest hits album, Singles of the 90s.

  • In which countries did Hallo Hallo gain popularity?

The song gained popularity in Germany, Spain, and Scandinavia.

  • Which Adam Sandler film features Hallo Hallo?

It appears in the film "You Don't Mess with the Zohan".

  • Why was the Hitvision Remix of Hallo Hallo not released as a single?

The Hitvision Remix of this song was not released as a single because Arista head Clive Davis insisted

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