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The Sign

Nov 1993 / Album / Mega Records
  1. All That She Wants
  2. Don't Turn Around
  3. Young and Proud
  4. The Sign
  5. Living in Danger
  6. Dancer in a Daydream
  7. Wheel of Fortune
  8. Waiting for Magic (Total remix 7")
  9. Happy Nation
  10. Voulez-Vous Danser
  11. My Mind (Mindless mix)
  12. All That She Wants (Banghra version)
  13. Mr Ace (Bonus Track)

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The debut album by Ace of Base was an international success going 9 times platinum in the USA alone. It was the first ever Swedish album to take the coveted number 1 spot in the USA Billboard Album chart. Singles from the Album; All That She Wants, The Sign and Don’t Turn Around became worldwide hits and went #1 in the United States and Europe. The Sign (Which was the American version of Happy Nation) came with a different track listing to the European release in order to focus on Ace Of Base’s new-found reggae/pop formula. Celebrating 20 years since its release – this re-mastered version will now be released globally with the full American playlist and previously unreleased bonus track “Mr Ace”.