All that she wants

AceOfBase-Sing01AllThatSheWants lo ish

AceOfBase-Sing01AllThatSheWantsAlt lo ish

The global smash that brought Ace of base to the world. All That She Wants was their second single The song was produced by Denniz Pop. In early 1993, the song reached the top of the charts in many countries, including Denmark, Germany, the United Kingdom and Australia. The single was certified platinum in the United States, where it peaked at number two. While their predecessor single, “Wheel of Fortune”, was a modest success, “All That She Wants,” led Ace of Base to take off internationally. After hearing Swedish top 20 hit “Another Mother” by Kayo, the band decided that was exactly the sound they wanted to create. They contacted the song’s producer Denniz PoP and sent him a demo of a song called “Mr Ace”. The tape got stuck in the cassette tape player in his car, so he listened to it over and over again, which helped him decide to produce the track.

The song became “All That She Wants”, a dark fusion of dub-reggae with pop which became the band’s trademark sound. On release in October 1992, it quickly climbed to number one on the Danish chart while the previous single was still sitting at number two. Keen to rush out an album for the Christmas market, Mega Records pressed the band for an album and it was hastily recorded, mixed, and released within a few weeks.
Swedish TV’s programme Hitlåten’s Historia (Hit Song’s History), have just finished making a documentary about this song. Once it is broadcast we will be sharing it here…

Happy Nation

AceOfBase HappyNation lo ish

Happy Nation was the third single by Ace of Base. It was first released in Scandinavia in 1992 and later released twice in the United Kingdom; in October 1993 when it peaked at number 42, and then again twelve months later it reached number 40. “Happy Nation” was remade by Ace of Base for a remix pack in 2008.

CD single – UK
  1. “Happy Nation” (radio edit)
  2. “Happy Nation” (12 inch version)
  3. “Happy Nation” (album version)
CD maxi
  1. “Happy Nation” (gold zone club mix)
  2. “Happy Nation” (gold zone 7″ edit)
  3. “Happy Nation” (gold dub edit)
  4. “Happy Nation” (moody gold mix)
7″ single
  1. “Happy Nation” (radio edit)
  2. “Happy Nation” (album version)

Wheel of fortune

Ace_Of_Base-Wheel_Of_Fortune_(CD_Single)-FrontalThe debut single by ace of base. Originally released in the Nordics in 1992

The Sign

Ace of Base - The Sign 800x800

The debut album by Ace of Base was an international success going 9 times platinum in the USA alone. It was the first ever Swedish album to take the coveted number 1 spot in the USA Billboard Album chart. Singles from the Album; All That She Wants, The Sign and Don’t Turn Around became worldwide hits and went #1 in the United States and Europe. The Sign (Which was the American version of Happy Nation) came with a different track listing to the European release in order to focus on Ace Of Base’s new-found reggae/pop formula. Celebrating 20 years since its release – this re-mastered version will now be released globally with the full American playlist and previously unreleased bonus track “Mr Ace”.

Happy Nation (U.S. Version)

Ace of Base - Happy Nation US Version (new) lo ish

To coincide with the release of The Sign in the USA, a new U.S. version of Happy Nation was released in Europe with an updated track listing with all of the big tracks from The Sign along with new alternate unreleased versions for the European market – further contributing to the band’s worldwide success and cementing their position as one of Sweden’s most internationally acclaimed pop groups. This re-mastered edition comes with bonus track ”Giving it up (Ace version)”

The Bridge

Ace of Base The Bridge lo ish

Ace of Base’s second album brought us the Euro-dance club smash Beautiful Life, it became a #1 hit in the U.S. club chart with the album selling 7 million copies. It shows the leaps the band made both in songwriting and production. The Bridge is a strong cohesive album that is essential listening for any Ace of Base enthusiast. The newly re-mastered edition comes with bonus track “Love For Sale (Edited)”, a single b-side not before available in digital formats.


Ace of Base - Flowers lo-ish

Flowers – The European release Ace of Base’s third album gave the world the massively successful single, “Life Is a Flower”, the most heavily played radio single of 1998, and top 10 hits “Cruel Summer” and “Always Have, Always Will”. It show’s the polished pop sound that the band has become so famous for – catchy songwriting married to crisp tight production. This is a modern pop album that works in its entirety while still feeling timeless. This re-mastered edition comes with bonus track ”L’Amour” (edited)

Cruel Summer

cruel-summer (lo ish)

The American release of Ace of Base’s third album ‘Flowers’ contained remixes, re-recordings, and new songs deemed more appropriate for an American audience. Now available for everyone in the world – this album of quintessential pop is a musical masterpiece. It has version’s of Ace of Base songs that only people in the USA could hear and enjoy before. Now fully re-mastered with bonus track ‘L’Amour (edited)’

Da Capo



Ace of Base’s fourth album saw the band return to their original sound that brought them their international acclaim, classic pop aesthetics married with a reggae style rhythm but played with synths. This album finally gets the global release that all of the fans have been waiting for. It was the last album to be made with the original line up. If you were to imagine what an Ace of Base album sounds like without ever hearing one – this would be it. This fully re-mastered edition also comes with bonus track ”Da Capo (alternate version)”.

The Golden Ratio


golden ratio



The Golden Ratio is Ace of Base’s fifth album. It was recorded in late 2009 through to mid-2010. It is the first album to feature two new vocalists: Clara Hagman and Julia Williamson. The Golden Ratio marks the band’s first album of completely new material since 2002. The band said of the album, “The Golden Ratio” is the end result of three years of work in the studio for Ulf and Jonas. Their main challenge was to find what the Ace of Base sound would be in the second decade of the twenty-first century. After a year of experimenting, they realized they wanted to embrace and preserve the original Ace of Base sound but to make it contemporary at the same time.