Hallo Hallo

Apr 2000 / Single / Mega Records
  1. Hallo Hallo
  2. Hallo Hallo (Radio Version)
  3. Hallo Hallo (Hitvision Radio Edit)
  4. Hallo Hallo (Dub)
  5. Hallo Hallo (XTM Full Remix)
  6. Hallo Hallo (XTM Radio Remix)

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AceOfBase-Hallo Hallo

“Hallo Hallo” was the third single from Ace of Base’s greatest hits record Singles of the 90s. The song was released in April 2000 in Germany, Spain, and Scandinavia. The song appeared in the American Adam Sandler film You Don’t Mess with the Zohan. The song was originally recorded with lead vocals by Jonas for Cruel Summer and Flowers. According to Jonas, “it wasn’t ready in time.”

The song was re-recorded with Jenny and Linn on lead vocals for Singles of the 90s. The Hitvision Remix of Hallo Hallo was meant to be a single from Greatest Hits with yet again re-recorded vocals, this time with Jenny almost completely taking over lead vocal duties. A sample of the song appeared on the band’s American web page, retitled Hello Hello, yet the inclusion and single release was canceled when Arista head Clive Davis insisted that Everytime It Rains be remixed and released instead.


CD Single

  1. Hallo Hallo (Radio Version)
  2. Hallo Hallo (Hitvision Radio Edit)

CD Maxi/German Maxi

  1. Hallo Hallo (Radio Version)
  2. Hallo Hallo (Hitvision Radio Edit)
  3. Hallo Hallo (Original Version)
  4. Hallo Hallo (Dub)


CD Maxi

  1. Hallo Hallo (Xtm Full Remix)
  2. Hallo Hallo (Xtm Dub Remix)
  3. Hallo Hallo (Xtm Radio Remix)
  4. Hallo Hallo (Hitvision Radio Edit)