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Sep 1998 / Album / Mega Records
  1. Life Is a Flower
  2. Always Have, Always Wil
  3. Cruel Summer (Cutfather & Joe Mix)
  4. Travel to Romantis
  5. Adventures in Paradise
  6. Dr. Sun
  7. Cecilia
  8. He Decides
  9. I Pray
  10. Tokyo Girl
  11. Don't Go Away
  12. Captain Nemo
  13. Donnie
  14. Cruel Summer (Big Bonus Mix)
  15. L'Amour (Bonus track)

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Ace of Base - Flowers lo-ish

Flowers – The European release Ace of Base’s third album gave the world the massively successful single, “Life Is a Flower”, the most heavily played radio single of 1998, and top 10 hits “Cruel Summer” and “Always Have, Always Will”. It show’s the polished pop sound that the band has become so famous for – catchy songwriting married to crisp tight production. This is a modern pop album that works in its entirety while still feeling timeless. This re-mastered edition comes with bonus track ”L’Amour” (edited)