Don’t Turn Around

Mar 1994 / Single / Mega Records
  1. Don't Turn Around
  2. Don't Turn Around (2009)
  3. Don't Turn Around (Stretch Version)
  4. Don't Turn Around (7" Aswad Mix)
  5. Don't Turn Around (Turned Out Eurodub)
  6. Don't Turn Around (Groove Mix Extended)

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AceOfBase DontTurnAround lo ish

In the spring 1994, Ace of Base took the b-side from a Tina Turner record from 1986 changed it to a minor key and took it to #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and to No. 5 in the UK. Added to the American version of AoB’s first album (The Sign in the US) it brought more of the classic pop with a reggae feel that Ace of Base became so famous for.