Cruel Summer

Sep 1998 / Album / Mega Records
  1. Cruel Summer
  2. Donnie (Ole Evanrude Version)
  3. Whenever You're Near Me
  4. Everytime It Rains
  5. Adventures In Paradise
  6. Don't Go Away
  7. Cecilia
  8. He Decides
  9. Always Have, Always Will (Edit)
  10. Tokyo Girl
  11. Travel To Romantis (Love To Infinity Mix)
  12. Cruel Summer (Blazin' Rhythm Remix)
  13. Kings and Queens
  14. L’Amour (edited) (Bonus track)

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cruel-summer (lo ish)

The American release of Ace of Base’s third album ‘Flowers’ contained remixes, re-recordings, and new songs deemed more appropriate for an American audience. Now available for everyone in the world – this album of quintessential pop is a musical masterpiece. It has version’s of Ace of Base songs that only people in the USA could hear and enjoy before. Now fully re-mastered with bonus track ‘L’Amour (edited)’