The Sign

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The debut album by Ace of Base was an international success going 9 times platinum in the USA alone. It was the first ever Swedish album to take the coveted number 1 spot in the USA Billboard Album chart. Singles from the Album; All That She Wants, The Sign and Don’t Turn Around became worldwide hits and went #1 in the United States and Europe. The Sign (Which was the American version of Happy Nation) came with a different track listing to the European release in order to focus on Ace Of Base’s new-found reggae/pop formula. Celebrating 20 years since its release – this re-mastered version will now be released globally with the full American playlist and previously unreleased bonus track “Mr Ace”.

Happy Nation (U.S. Version)

Ace of Base - Happy Nation US Version (new) lo ish

To coincide with the release of The Sign in the USA, a new U.S. version of Happy Nation was released in Europe with an updated track listing with all of the big tracks from The Sign along with new alternate unreleased versions for the European market – further contributing to the band’s worldwide success and cementing their position as one of Sweden’s most internationally acclaimed pop groups. This re-mastered edition comes with bonus track ”Giving it up (Ace version)”

The Bridge

Ace of Base The Bridge lo ish

Ace of Base’s second album brought us the Euro-dance club smash Beautiful Life, it became a #1 hit in the U.S. club chart with the album selling 7 million copies. It shows the leaps the band made both in songwriting and production. The Bridge is a strong cohesive album that is essential listening for any Ace of Base enthusiast. The newly re-mastered edition comes with bonus track “Love For Sale (Edited)”, a single b-side not before available in digital formats.


Ace of Base - Flowers lo-ish

Flowers – The European release Ace of Base’s third album gave the world the massively successful single, “Life Is a Flower”, the most heavily played radio single of 1998, and top 10 hits “Cruel Summer” and “Always Have, Always Will”. It show’s the polished pop sound that the band has become so famous for – catchy songwriting married to crisp tight production. This is a modern pop album that works in its entirety while still feeling timeless. This re-mastered edition comes with bonus track ”L’Amour” (edited)

Cruel Summer

cruel-summer (lo ish)

The American release of Ace of Base’s third album ‘Flowers’ contained remixes, re-recordings, and new songs deemed more appropriate for an American audience. Now available for everyone in the world – this album of quintessential pop is a musical masterpiece. It has version’s of Ace of Base songs that only people in the USA could hear and enjoy before. Now fully re-mastered with bonus track ‘L’Amour (edited)’

Da Capo



Ace of Base’s fourth album saw the band return to their original sound that brought them their international acclaim, classic pop aesthetics married with a reggae style rhythm but played with synths. This album finally gets the global release that all of the fans have been waiting for. It was the last album to be made with the original line up. If you were to imagine what an Ace of Base album sounds like without ever hearing one – this would be it. This fully re-mastered edition also comes with bonus track ”Da Capo (alternate version)”.

The Golden Ratio


golden ratio



The Golden Ratio is Ace of Base’s fifth album. It was recorded in late 2009 through to mid-2010. It is the first album to feature two new vocalists: Clara Hagman and Julia Williamson. The Golden Ratio marks the band’s first album of completely new material since 2002. The band said of the album, “The Golden Ratio” is the end result of three years of work in the studio for Ulf and Jonas. Their main challenge was to find what the Ace of Base sound would be in the second decade of the twenty-first century. After a year of experimenting, they realized they wanted to embrace and preserve the original Ace of Base sound but to make it contemporary at the same time.

Hidden Gems

Ace of Base - Hidden Gems



Ace of Base are one of the most successful groups on the planet. They have sold almost 40 million copies worldwide of their first four studio albums. But the fans know that there is more music recorded by the group. On Hidden Gems, ten previously unreleased songs are unveiled to the public for the very first time as well as five rare b-sides and bonus tracks so far only available in selected territories. These tracks were recorded between 1991 and 2006. Most of the songs are full blown recordings, left out of the original albums for various reasons.


All tracks are selected by Jonas Berggren and Ulf Ekberg from Ace of Base.


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  1. Would You Believe

(Written by Jonas “Joker” Berggren)

Jonas: “Tommy Ekman helped me with it and it has a certain summer flow to it. Or so I think anyway. It was a new trick to let the chords go higher and higher during a song, from start to end. Not sure if another such song exists?”


Produced by Tommy Ekman. Co-produced by Jonas Berggren.

Previously unreleased.

(Era: Da Capo)



  1. Go Go Go (Ace version)

(Written by Jonas “Joker” Berggren)

Jonas: ”Go Go Go is an old song, I wrote the chorus in the beginning of the 90’s and originally it was called Dr Beat. This version was recorded and produced in Stockholm later on.”


Produced by Pontus Söderqvist. Co-produced by Jonas Berggren.

Previously unreleased.

(Era: Da Capo)


  1. Into The Night Of Blue

(Written by Jonas Berggren, Douglas Carr and Diane Warren)

Jonas: ”Douglas Carr and I wrote the song together with Diane Warren in LA. She showed us her secret “inspiration room” where nothing had changed over the years. It was full of old equipment and felt very ruff. It was so cool, she said few people had seen it and that she wrote much of her songs in there.”


Produced by Jonas Berggren and Stephen Hague.

Bonus track on the Japanese “Cruel Summer” album.



  1. Don’t Stop

(Written by: Jonas “Joker” Berggren, Arild Haugland and Birthe Berggren)

Jonas: ”I wrote this one with ”the family” so to say. Fun collaboration without prestige, I like that. Made in Radøy, Norway. Good memories!”


B-side from the single ”The Juvenile”

Produced by Harry Sommerdahl, Jonas “Joker” Berggren, Jonas von der Burg

Arranged by Harry Sommerdahl, Jonas “Joker” Berggren, Jonas von der Burg.

Backing vocals: Harry Sommerdahl. Mixed by Jonas von der Burg, Robert Wellerfors.

(Era: Da Capo)



  1. Make My Day

(Written by Jonas “Joker” Berggren)

Jonas: ”The latest version of this song and an up-tempo one!”


Produced by Tommy Ekman. Co-produced by Jonas Berggren.

(Era: Da Capo)



  1. Mercy Mercy

(Written by Ulf Ekberg and John Ballard)

Ulf: “It’s common to think this opening lyric to “Mercy, Mercy” is a timeless sentiment about a changing relationship between lovers. But it isn’t. Rather, it is a timeless lament about the environmental injuries Earth has endured.

When we set out to write and produce “The Bridge” album, I was working without Jonas for the first time, creating concept songs with each song leading into the next. The concept was to write songs from the vantage point of a lonely human soul, returning to a world of suffering and injustice. Several other songs are the continuing story from “Happy Nation” and “Perfect World”.

In “Mercy, Mercy”, a lonely human soul is aghast, saddened by the stark change she sees in the sky and the sea – to her, an unnecessary change delivered by the hands of her fellow humans. It’s as though the lonely human soul is looking skyward, shaking her head to herself and wishing to forget how ugly we can be, because she knows. I always thought that this song would have been a great 3rd single. Fantastic groove, guitars and hooks.”


B-side from the single Always have, always will.

Produced by Charles Fisher and Ulf Ekberg at Tuff Studios, Gothenburg. Additional production by John Ballard and Stonestream. Mixed at Image Studios by Chris Lord Alge.

Vocals by Jenny, Malin and Ulf.

(Era: The Bridge)



  1. No Good Lover

(Written by Jonas Berggren)

Jonas: ”It was there to “balance up” the single so people would still get some reggae”


B-side from the single “Life is a flower”.

Engineer: Amatiello, Pin-Point, Produced by John Amatiello, Joker. Recorded and mixed by John Amatiello, Joker. Vocals by Jenny & Linn.

(Era: Flowers)



  1. Summer Days

(Written by Jonas “Joker” Berggren)

Jonas: ”Another song about my father and the West Coast of Sweden and how he taught me about the summer, about life and about the sea. Göran, what a father!! Proud to be your son.”


From the Japanese Da Capo release.

Produced by Jonas von der Burg, Jonas “Joker” Berggren

(Era: Da Capo)



  1. Giving It Up (2014 remake)

(Written by Joker/Buddha)

Jonas: ”Such a good old song, don´t you think?! From the time of the first album, and I still love it”


Recorded and produced by Joker/Buddha. Additional recordings and production 2014 by Johan Edman and Magnus Vänttinen.

(Era: The Sign/Happy Nation)



  1. Come To Me (Ace version)

(Written by: Jonas “Joker” Berggren, Arild Haugland and Birthe Berggren)

Jonas: ”Here is a song many people say is one of the best unreleased from us. Thanks! The record company had a strong belief in it as well. I think it is still good. Birthe and Arild Haugland wrote this together with me. A little family song you might say.”


Recorded, mixed and produced by Håkan Kristoffersson and Jonas Berggren at The Barn Studios

(Era: Da Capo)



  1. Prime Time

(Written by Jonas “Joker” Berggren)

Jonas: ”Prime Time is the last version of Cuba Cuba Libre. Many versions he he 😉

Here with almost new lyrics, it was recorded in 2005 together with Tommy Ekman. We were aiming for a new album then but didn’t find the energy needed unfortunately.”


Produced by Tommy Ekman. Co-produced by Jonas Berggren.

(Era: Da Capo????)



  1. Look Around Me

(Written by Ulf Ekberg and John Ballard.)

Ulf: “Look Around Me” is a follow up on ”Mercy Mercy” where she finally finds her meaning of life: Hope & Love! It was a real Ace of Base pop song and I always thought that this song and Mercy Mercy would have been great singles. Important ingredients to the ”Perfect World” and also connecting all three songs with “Happy Nation”. Still today I really love the beat and the hook lines. Both Malin, Jenny and Ulf are doing the vocals.


Produced by John Ballard, Ulf Ekberg and Björn Stenström.

(Era: The Bridge)



  1. Pole Position

(Written by Jonas Berggren, Ulf Ekberg, Malin Berggren, Jenny Berggren)

Ulf: ”We wanted this to be our first single and Jacques Villeneuve would do a feature on it when he was F1 World Champion.”


Recorded, mixed and produced by Joker/Buddha at The Barn Studios

(Era: The Sign/Happy Nation)



  1. Sunset in Southern California

(Written by Jonas “Joker” Berggren)

Jonas: ” This song was later re-written for the Golden Ratio album. This was the first “cut” of it though. I can’t tell which one is the best, but Linn’s voice is always a pleasure to hear.”


Produced by Tommy Ekman. Co-produced by Jonas Berggren.

(Era: Da Capo)



  1. Moment of Magic

(Written by Jonas Berggren, Ulf Ekberg, Malin Berggren, Jenny Berggren)

Jonas: ”An Ace of Base song written by myself, Ulf, Jenny and Linn together. That makes it special”


Also known as Green Grass.

Recorded, mixed and produced by Joker/Buddha at The Barn Studios

(Era: Da Capo)


Happy Nation

Happy Nation


The Original European release by Ace Of Base (called The Sign in the USA) is one of the greatest selling albums of all time (The Sign/Happy Nation sold 25 million worldwide). This is the album that brought the massive hit ‘All that She Wants’ to the world (spending 29 weeks at #1 in America!).